Repressed emotions and illness

Society teaches us to control our emotions rather than delving into them as part of transformation. There they linger, sometimes hidden in the subconscious, sometimes riding just beneath the surface waiting to be triggered, blocking the flow of healthy energy. Transformation is the opposite of control – in control we suppress, in transformation we express; however, no one else needs to be involved in your expression. The next time intense emotions arise, take a brisk walk around the block or purposefully do something physical to release the energy. Then simply observe yourself to see where it goes.

When we involve others in our expressions of anger, we risk triggering their wounds and compounding the situation. If you happen to express emotion with an enlightened person, they will help you process in a healthy way. It’s best to cultivate the ability to observe, feel, process and release whatever arises within us. Otherwise, the absorbed energy knocks the body out of balance and we manifest physical issues that help us to understand where the blockage is.

Awareness is needed, not judgment. The openness which with we greet the present moment determines our ability to fully experience the adventures of life. Heed the call of the unknown, explore the mysteries of joy and love yourself enough to consciously learn from each situation as it arises. You are a master in the process of awakening.

Today my intention is to accept this moment as a gift.

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