Courage and understanding

Each of us has a world of potential at our disposal. These seeds are ready to expand into our awareness. Without courage, one remains encapsulated within a hard shell, never experiencing the wonder of life, blocked from all movement. When we begin to drop ego, release our defense mechanisms and become one with the earth, we tap into the courage required for movement. Willing to take a risk, we stretch towards the light of consciousness.

The next phase is the sharing of our gifts – the flowering of love and the willingness to be grateful allow us to explore the realm of beauty, to give our treasures back to the earth (and those who follow along behind)… and finally, we explore the joys of fragrance as our senses become more subtle and merge with the Universe.

When you step into understanding, you are free. Authentic understanding goes beyond experience. The heart never asks “why” or “how”, instead it listens and takes action. Even the tiniest spark of understanding can bring about a tremendous awakening to your life. Allow the seeds of potential within you to grow. Nurture them, give them space to be and open yourself to the light of love…

Today my intention is to be willing to take a risk.

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