Releasing the Old

Do your best to consciously turn toward the storms of your life with an open heart.

“In your silence, when there are no words, no language, nobody else is present, you are getting in tune with existence.”    

Sometimes we unconsciously cling to habitual ways of being and thinking. When we are ready to release patterns that no longer serve our evolutionary process, life will provide the means to bring it to the surface so that it can be recognized, healed and released. The challenges and disruptions that we face are gifts that serve us incredibly well in this respect.

There are many ways to allow this clearing to occur such as meditation, writing in your journal, art, speaking with someone conscious who can support you with neutrality, gratitude, physical movement or releasing rituals. Freedom is waiting to make itself known to you.

In the midst of emotional intensity, it can be difficult to see clearly; therefore, it’s important to allow yourself time to process and re-balance while allowing the storm to pass. Then, you can walk forward once more with an open heart and an untroubled mind. You are an awakening master on a journey of transformation.

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