Release that which no longer serves your growth

Be at peace with what is
That’s Right! I recognize that awareness is the first step in healing and changing… and I am becoming more aware each day
Meditation, stillness, gratitude, consciousness… all allow us to tap into the power of the present moment. And in this moment we have the opportunity to drop the things that block us from experiencing love and peacefulness.
Spiritual awakening is not about what you can achieve, but what you can release. It is not about manifestation but about dropping the beliefs that block us from receiving. It is not about having a perfect life, but living life in perfection.
See if you can spend the entire day releasing anything that blocks you from experiencing joy. See the pure potential in this moment and then play in it. Your power comes from being balanced, aware, non-reactive and joyful… and from there, anything is possible.
Today my intention is to find joy and appreciation in everything that I do.
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