Know thyself

Know thyself
That’s Right! All that I need is already here
Some people seek recognition or validation. Some seek to be needed. Others base every decision upon what they believe is required of them… and all feel trapped by the expectations of others.
The awakened spirit lives in his or her own truth. Led by passion and compassion, they walk the path less traveled. If others seek to admonish them, it’s ok. When others seek to revere them, they simply turn inward. Each of us walks a unique path and it cannot be defined by anything other than our inner wisdom.
When you come to know yourself, understand your soul’s purpose, seek to experience joy and enlightenment in all that you do, you will be set free.
Simply stated: do not allow yourself to be defined by limitation. You are an infinite being, a source of wonder and life awakens to play in the light with you.
Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.
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