Raising your vibration

Be willing to release what no longer serves you.

That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy

As you awaken, everything around you is transformed. When your vibration raises to higher levels, you will discover that you have outgrown old ways of being. Periodically take time to consciously cleanse your space of anything that is no longer aligned with your energy.

There may be items in your home that remind you of darker moments in your experience – whether your tastes have simply changed as you’ve evolved or the item itself holds lower energy, release it from your space. Let your environment reflect the beauty of your soul and nothing else.

This same clearing should also be done on mental and emotional levels. Beliefs, stories, perceptions and patterns that limit joyful experience need to be examined. Just because something is “the way you’ve always been” doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy and supportive aspect of your journey.

Radical Forgiveness is a powerful tool that raises your vibration by transforming energies that no longer serve you into light, love and acceptance.

Today my intention is to walk the pathway of forgiveness and acceptance. I lovingly release the past and choose to live this moment with joy, enthusiasm and passion.

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