Dancing with the Divine

Don’t wait for everything in your life to fall into place before you choose to feel fulfilled.

That’s Right! Joy allows me to open my heart to the present moment

Happiness is the delight experienced when we are completely at peace with the world and ourselves in the Now. This is not something that we need to work toward. It is not the end result of years of meditation and spiritual work. Rather, it is a conscious choice that we make again and again to dance in the rain.

The human condition is to hold on to our beliefs that somehow we are flawed. We cling to stress and tension, always striving to rise above the next set of circumstances or heal the wounds of the past. One of the first challenges of the spiritual seeker is the discovery that, while in a peaceful state, there is nothing to do. The mind has no problem to solve and it feels empty.

When you choose joy as your natural way of being, it opens a world of possibility. Things flow more smoothly and life aligns itself to match the energy you emit with your smile. Everything is a dance with the Divine – sometimes graceful, other times passionate, but always safe in the arms of love.

The 14th century poet Hafiz speaks of growth coming through encouragement:

“It felt love”

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give the world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain



Today my intention is to open myself to the encouragement of light which seems to say to me…
“Dance with me in the joy of being.”

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