Peace in the present moment

Choose to be peaceful now – from where you are, with what you have, to the best of your ability.
That’s Right! My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy
When we have compassion for ourselves, even though we may sometimes feel lost, confused or mired in expectation or regret – we have the ability consciously find our way back to peace Now. The only blockages are those we create – mental patterns and projections and self-judgment – and because these limiting thoughts are no more than old programming and habitual patterns, they can absolutely be transformed into empowerment and freedom.
The place to begin is observation. Notice your inner dialogue and love yourself back into the grace of this moment. Breathe consciously, shift the self-talk to supportive, joyful expectation and give yourself permission to be happy.
All too often, mankind carries a very deep seeded belief that suffering is necessary and sometimes even preferable to experiencing unbounded joy. One such example might be, “How can I be happy when so many are starving?” As if joining the suffering can in any way change things for the better. Let your light shine through the darkness. It’s entirely possible that was your reason for choosing this life, this time and this expression of Divine within the realm of human experience.
Today my intention is to take full responsibility for every aspect of my life.
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