Teachers and enlightenment

Seek those who seek to see the light in others.
That’s Right! Everyone is my teacher
When living your truth, there is no need to point it out or explain. Truth is self-evident. Whether you have absorbed your knowledge from those who have walked before, opened a book to a life-changing passage or had an “aha” moment of insight, let those around you have the opportunity to decipher the message on their own.
Beyond the lessons, stories, quotes or examples, there is only pure consciousness. When we keep the message simple, mastery has an opportunity to make itself known in the most appropriate way – and that may vary significantly from person to person.
A true teacher will never step into judgment nor see themselves as more conscious than others. In an enlightened state, we discover that nothing is excluded – all is love and we reach out a helping hand.
Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.
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