Mindful communication

Before you speak, ask yourself if what you intend to say is helpful, loving or uplifting.
If not, it can wait…perhaps forever.

“A positive mind finds opportunity in everything. A negative mind finds fault in everything.”

The awakened soul sees things differently. As we enter higher levels of consciousness, we are able to view the world from a broader vantage point. Every breakthrough is the beginning of a new vision and a new way of being.

Be mindful of what you choose to share with others. Your words have great power and gossip, anger, frustration or judgment will waste your precious energy by feeding it into what you do not want in your experience. Conversely, mindful communication calls upon us to ask ourselves if what we are going to say or share will be of positive benefit to others. For instance, complaints or the sharing of bad news do nothing but destroy ones peace and the joy of others in the vicinity; while a complaint followed by a positive course of action acts as an inspiration to create a difference and indicates one is taking personal responsibility for their own joy. Even better, the awakened soul doesn’t waste energy discussing the problem, they speak of the solution and then take action.

In a world that seems preoccupied with gossip, opinion, causes and boycotts – seek to accentuate the beauty of life. Participate in things that inspire you and lift your spirit. Be a bringer of light who walks in the world with humility, passion and joy.
Today my intention is to live in harmony with life.
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