Love with patience

Let your life be your message.

“Almost all of our difficulties in relationships come from wanting people to be different than they are.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Everyone experiences “aha moments” where a piece of wisdom or insight falls into place. As our perception shifts just a little bit, new realizations occur. Patterns become clear and we may recognize that a particular lesson has been in play for years. Consciousness has now reached a level of deeper understanding, allowing us to experience the next phase of enlightenment.

It is said that everything unfolds in the perfect way at the perfect time. Honor all paths as sacred. Keep doing the work with the knowledge that the insight will occur. Continue to teach by example with the belief that it is a benefit to those around you, whether you are there to witness the breakthrough or not.

We all participate in the collective awakening. Do your best not to block that energy with judgment, demands or impatience. Like a consistent drop of water that transforms rock over time, your gentle and persistent love will change the world.

Today my intention is to release all control to the Universe. I am willing to act with integrity, do my best and accept what is.

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