Live the questions

Imagine the very best version of yourself, one that is courageous, balanced, peaceful and wise. See it, feel it… then live it now as best you can.

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. I recognize my body as a good friend. Each cell in my body has Divine Intelligence. I listen to what it tells me, and know that its advice is valid. I am always safe and Divinely protected and guided. I choose to be healthy and free. All is well in my world.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Deepak Chopra suggests this meditation as a way to create healing and balance in your experience. It is very simple. The key is to live the questions, remembering that you do not need to have the answers in order to be happy and fulfilled. If you live the questions, all you need to know will make itself known to you.

Place feet flat on the ground

Keep hands open, palms up, on your lap (being receptive to the Universe)
Close your eyes
Bring your attention on the heart
Experience Gratitude for all your blessings
Ask the following questions:

৩  Who am I?
৩  What do I want?
৩  What’s my purpose?
৩  What makes me happy?

Observe the sensations of the body
Place attention on the heart again
Sense your heartbeat as sound or energy, etc
Relax into your body
Open your eyes
Today my intention is to be fully present. I consciously choose to fill my life with wonderful people and surround myself with energies that contribute to my balance, peace and joy. 
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