Existence opens

You are surrounded by miracles… you are a miracle.

“My thoughts are creative. I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at my world.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Are you allowing yourself to be a vibrant expression of life? As you become more awakened, you’ll discover the feeling of being at home wherever you are. Your connection with the Divine will deepen and remain with you, bringing a sense of grace to the present moment.

“Spiritual practice is about increasingly entering into love – not personal love, but the love that is the nature of our being.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Take the time today to slow down and observe the miracles that surround you. Watch the bee as it pollinates, drink the nectar of life with hummingbird, experience patience with your favorite tree while sensing Oneness with everything you see. Together we weave the tapestry of existence, each of us playing a unique and vital role.

You can bring a wondrous new vitality and creativity to all that you do. Simply approach each task with joy, enthusiasm or acceptance and be present to life.

Today my intention is to handle all my experiences with wisdom,
love and ease.

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