Listen to the silence

Pay attention to the gap – between words, musical notes, thoughts – it contains worlds of possibility.

“When you go in, you touch a new type of silence – the presence of silence itself. It is not only an absence of noise, it is something absolutely positive, almost visible, tangible.”

True silence exists within you. More than the absence of thought, it is the deep and profound stillness that holds the seeds of infinite possibility. Spend some time today listening to that silence. Slow down and pay attention to the space in between your heartbeats. Active listening puts you in touch with the present moment in way that is profound, almost magical.

You are a powerful co-creator in your experience. You have the opportunity to determine how you will fill those spaces. Leave a little room for stillness, kindness, fulfillment and gratitude. Seek only to expand yourself in ways that empower you. You will discover that love resides at the core of everything.
Today my intention is to listen to a tree. 
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