Limitless possibility

There is great power in recognizing the repeating patterns of our lives. Subconscious programming causes us to play out repetitive cycles and the resulting events eventually solidify into false beliefs and assumptions that dictate future choices. It’s a vicious circle of experience which distracts us from realizing the beauty of being an eternal soul who has embarked upon a journey of awakening.

Karma is not punishment nor is it a trap from which one cannot escape. Once we reach the higher levels of understanding we find that instead of avoiding challenges, we turn and face them consciously, thus observing, recognizing and dissolving old patterns which no longer serve our growth.

When we learn to rise above the voice of ego, we discover an inner silence that we can enter and commune with the infinite silence of the Divine. In that space of wholeness we come to realize that we are already fulfilled and no longer trapped within the restrictive energy of what we see.

A world of possibility is open to you. The more relaxed your are within your experience, the greater your ability to recognize the wonders of limitless potential. Awakening is a process. Layer by layer the illusion is removed and your light shines more clearly from the depths of your being.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

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