I Am…

“I am here to serve.
I am here to inspire.
I am here to love.
I am here to live my truth.”
~Deepak Chopra~
There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness in the present moment. Wherever you are, be there completely. Mastery is the act of taking personal responsibility for one’s own life and how we choose to experience what unfolds.

The words, “I Am…” create your reality. Step into your power by paying attention to how you complete that sentence throughout the day. Slow down and enjoy the present moment and all that it has to offer. Purposely set positive energy and expectation in place by saying things like, “I am right where I need to be. I am in the midst of healthy changes. I am adventurous/joyful/abundant.”

You can bring awareness into your experience and reclaim your Divine birthright. You are here to thrive, to be joyful and to rise above limitation. Your conscious intent has the ability to transform any situation into one of empowerment.

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