Expand into Love

“Each and every component of our being – from our consciousness as a whole to our least of thoughts, emotions and sensations – yearns for one and only state: an ever-growing expansion, a complete shattering of the sense of contraction and limitation, a total liberation from the confined structure of distinct barriers and sidewalls.”
~Shai Tubali~

Endlessly seeking to be perfect reaffirms the limiting perception that we are somehow less than perfect. High ideals can be a distraction on the Path of Transformation. When we seek instead to raise our vibration, thus providing ourselves a expanded perception and broader viewpoint, we discover additional ways to be in the world and have a greater chance of choosing attitudes and responses that align us with joy.

Can you simply observe yourself and others without judgment or analyzing? There is great beauty in recognizing the incredible potential that is inherent in this moment. Imperfection is perfect. The unfolding journey is perfect. The act of learning and awakening is the goal. How can we do anything else but cheer one another on?

Weave the intricate tapestry of your future by expanding yourself in love today. You will draw in that which is needed for your souls growth… recognizing the opportunities, teachers, circumstances and laughter that will light your way. Consciousness requires nothing less than a constant state of awareness and intention. Be willing to receive and you’ll discover that your joy is a magnet.

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