How triggers help us to heal

Chakra Healing
Awakening is a constant process of feeling, observing and releasing.
“Mindfulness and meditation lead you gradually toward the four pillars of life: true work, true play, true study and true rest.”
~Jose Stevens~
When the soul is ready to work on a particular issue, a flare of energy attracts others to come and assist with the process of healing. Their role is to behave in a manner that brings the issue to the surface, so the process of getting triggered by someone is actually a gift of love.

The unhealed wounds we carry silently control our lives. We may often bury them under work, drama, busyness or by focusing on helping others; however, they are powerful even when dormant.

Once the trigger occurs and you’re feeling angry, sad, disappointed or reactive, notice it! See how quickly you can bring your attention to the thoughts that are guiding your actions in the present moment. They will give you an idea of what is ready to be healed. Awareness begins the process. Sit with the feeling without taking action. Shine the light of consciousness upon it without inner judgment. Visualize releasing the energy into the earth and replacing it with stillness. You may notice that if action is still needed, it may be the exact opposite of what the reactive mind wanted to do. Thus, mindfulness opens the way to peace in the present moment.
Today my intention is to take responsibility for my own joy.
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