Finding your purpose

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Every moment provides a wonderful opportunity to discover your own true nature.

“When contemplating what our life’s work might be, we are often driven by our attachment to security. Perhaps the one question we don’t ask often enough is ‘What do I have to offer?'”
~Ezra Bayda~

For those in the process of discovery, still seeking your purpose or your direction, I salute you. The willingness to embark upon the path of transformation ensures that you will find it. The road may be long. It may cause you to pivot again and again as you explore the possibilities that sing your name, but that is the process of awakening.

Do not be discouraged. Your challenges will temper your abilities. Your disappointments will teach you how to be strong, to rebuild and to step out of limiting patterns. Eventually, you will simply discover what makes your heart sing as your life becomes a melody of joy and celebration.

Today my intention is to help create a world where it is safe to love one another.
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