Guilt is a mind-made cyclic prison that keeps one chasing after unobtainable ideals.

“I am willing to learn to love myself.”
~ Louise Hay ~

When a person is made to feel guilty, he or she becomes enslaved. All they choose to see are perceived failings and thus, they become trapped within a cycle of desire, judgment and dis-ease. Picture someone who has decided that happiness is undeserved because of something in their past. They replay negative stories and limiting beliefs as a form of punishment. These are learned behaviors.

Choose to see the beauty of growth in progress and recognize your own potential. There is no need to wait. If you choose to accept yourself as you are, the ideal has already been reached. Realize that you are perfect – it is not something that you will eventually attain in some distant future, perfection is here now.

Your job is to discover your own inner wisdom. See beyond childhood imprints and doctrines, ancestral beliefs and societal expectations. Witness the miraculous expansion of life through the eyes of love. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you awaken to your true infinite nature.

Today my intention is to be willing to release all patterns of criticism.

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