Every moment provides an opportunity to experience  the vastness of being.

“My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy.”
~ Louise Hay ~

The vibration of gratitude is worlds away from worry. It brings us more completely into the present moment through observation and cultivates the ability to recognize the beauty that is waiting to be experienced here and now.

“It’s not necessary to connect with the stars to go beyond our own boundaries. We can realize increased awareness in smaller steps: hearing the song of a bird, looking into the eyes of a newborn, sharing another’s pain.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Step beyond the story of “me” and choose to experience a sense of Oneness with the world around you. All that you need is already here. Spiritual awareness is not about having the ability to meditate for several hours a day or achieving enlightenment. It is about living life increasingly awake. It is about bringing a conscious awareness to this moment. How you choose to experience this moment is an indicator of your level of consciousness.

Today my intention is to laugh at life (and at myself), and choose not to be offended by anyone or anything.

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