Going with the flow

Trust allows you to see life as a friend rather than the enemy. Trust allows you to go with the flow and stop fighting the currents around you. Stop fighting and become one with life, enjoying the ride wherever it may take go and see this physical experience in time and space as an adventure. Begin with complete acceptance of the Now and realize that you can fight against the current or work with it – we conquer through surrender.

Water can find it’s way around or over obstacles. It can erode the strongest stone eventually creating permanent change. Life is simply a series of experiments – either discovering something new, reaffirming what we already know or learning from the blockages we encounter.

Trust life, enjoy the small things. Let the beauty of life astound you by simply experiencing it without a mental dialogue or categorizing likes or dislikes. Once we have spent enough time gathering knowledge, exploring the wilderness, carrying the burdens of expectation or going astray, wisdom is possible. Life become simple and we are simply aware… becoming the flame of awareness.

Today my intention is to choose to make things easy.

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