Go within

Go within… this message reverberated in my dreams and drifted along with me as I swam upwards to a state of consciousness this morning.

Whenever an imbalance is encountered, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual malaise, the answer lies within you. Most people on the Path of Transformation have heard that phrase hundreds, if not thousands, of times on their unique journey without realizing the depth of that concept.

The ego, as our teacher, has a very loud presence until we begin to shine the light of consciousness upon it. I visualize the ego as one of the three stooges, dressed in striped prison garb trying to sneak past, but getting caught in the spotlight during a prison break. This amusing image always makes me giggle and it breaks me away from whatever story is being produced by the mind. Once the ego is quieted, I can choose to remove myself from the distractions of whatever the world says is important, the story of the ego, or the drama and dysfunction of others to create a moment of silence.

In the silence, we create a space in which transformation can occur. Whenever you find yourself running in circles, trying to fix something in your life (like a financial, health or weight issue), feeling overwhelmed by stress or in a relationship challenge, notice the simple fact that you are looking outside of your Self for inner peace. The answer lies within you but you may be temporarily distracted. How many times have you searched frantically to find a pair of glasses, only to find them on the top of your head…? Same thing.

Creating love, prosperity, flow, joy, movement, peace, or anything you can dream of in your human experience begins by discovering that old patterns have been limited you. Go within… all that you need is here in the present moment.

Today my intention is to rejoice in appreciation of the little things in life which bring me so much joy, thus creating a connection to my inner knowledge and ability to listen. I ultimately know that the direction I need will come quietly from within.


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