Dream the masterpiece into being

You are a work in progress.

“Nobody else gets to live your life. You’re the artist. Paint your picture. Dream your own masterpiece into being.”
~Anna Taylor~

Some people can look at a stone or a piece of wood and see something unique and beautiful waiting to emerge. The look through the lens of possibility and dare to remove the excess in order to bring something new into being. They recognize the beauty in both its forms – the raw, pure potential as well as the exquisite finished masterpiece – and they explore the process with love.

Choose to view life in the same way. Find the inherent beauty in what is and also see what could be. It takes courage to chip away at the excess, and perhaps the vision may change as you go through the process; but it’s love, consistency, bravery and empowered action that spark the imagination.
What wonders are waiting to emerge?
Today my intention is to be a conscious co-creator of my own experience.
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