Divine Potential

You are ready to shine.
“The Orchid Priestess of your highest spiritual destiny calls to you now, beloved. She calls you to your purpose, path and Soul passion. You are called to rise again and again to live up into your potential, with all its uniqueness and beauty.”
~Alana Fairchild~ 

The path of awakening is often experienced like a spiral of energy. There is an initial blast of inspiration or new vision that propels us to follow wherever the journey leads us. The initial practice is powerful and new; however, many experience a lull when the bloom wears off, and, despite their best intentions can become distracted by life.

Sometimes it may seem that you’re repeating old lessons or revisiting information you’ve studied before. From this higher state of consciousness, with your expanded vision and wisdom, do you not see that there are layers of energy and information that you may have missed the first time around?

This journey of insight, expansion and review is meant to show you your potential. While we may have transformative moments and sparks of possibility that burst into living flames of awareness, our spiritual practice must be a consistent breath of love that we bring to our daily, mundane experience. Give yourself the freedom to explore all the facets of light that emanate from you. You are ready to shine.


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