Collective awakening

As you awaken, the world around you is transformed.

That’s Right! I accept myself, and create peace in my mind and heart         
Each of us plays a part in the collective awakening of the planet. Start by going within. Have the courage to face your own shadows and shine the light of consciousness upon them. This purposeful observation and awareness begins the transformation. The more peaceful you are on the inner, the more compassion and kindness you will demonstrate in your interactions.

Every time that you are able to bring peace to a situation – whether through your thoughts, words or actions – you create space in which a transformation can occur. There is a vast difference between sending love and forgiveness to someone who has been challenging for you and repeating the negative history to anyone who will listen. One denies the ego while the other strengthens it.

Release the limitations of the past and choose to experience the Now with joy and acceptance. This moment present a wonderful new opportunity to explore the nuances of love.

Today my intention is remember that every cell in my body responds to the energy of my thoughts and words. Knowing this, I bring conscious awareness to how I choose to express myself.

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