Be open

Live in abundance, totality and with conscious intensity.

That’s Right! Through my attitude and actions, I spread seeds of unlimited potential in celebration of life and love       
When we share vibrant, positive energy without expectation or limitation, we create the possibility of growth in unusual places. Life is about sharing and reaching out to others in kindness. Joyful celebration is not something to keep to oneself – let it create change in the world.

Your dance of awakening is about relaxing into who you truly are and allowing your expression of creativity to manifest in unique ways – through work, relationships or ordinary daily experiences. Spiritual awakening is about bringing light to the dark corners of your life.

Become one with the Now. The light in your heart becomes a doorway through which you enter into the presence of the Divine. Now is the time.

Today my intention is to embrace life and all that it has to offer

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