Be inspired by kindness

Rise above. Let your actions be inspired by kindness.

“I take full responsibility for every aspect of my life.”
~Louise Hay~
The awakened are called upon to be living examples of higher consciousness. There are moments when you may miss the mark and others where you shine like a beacon in the darkness. Without judgment, simply notice how you respond to life and allow your actions reflect your inner connection with the Divine.

Every action we take plants a seed that has the potential to blossom into something exquisite and beautiful. Whether you’re in a position to observe this growth or not, consider what types of seeds you are planting. Old souls have the capability to see the world differently. Bring cheerfulness, bliss, kindness and the expression of joy in the little things of life to the forefront of your experience. When you are able to recognize the sacred within the ordinary, you begin to create an extraordinary life.
Today my intention is to embrace whatever life has to offer. I can choose to see differently, respond differently and create experiences of my choosing.
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