Anything is possible

How often do you hold yourself back out of fear?
That’s Right! I am willing to release the patterns that no longer serve my growth
Whether you fall prey to procrastination, doubt, fear or the idea of lack, realize that all are products of the ego mind. It’s amazing how powerful ideas are. Beliefs form the basis from which we approach life and the most dangerous is the idea that you aren’t worthy enought to live the life of your dreams.
There are no limitations, except those which are imposed by the self. One way to break through limiting patterns is to say, “It could be…” or “Wouldn’t it be nice…?” So instead of thinking “This is going to be a hassle”, we can transform the energy by thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice if everything fell together perfectly?” This is the bridge between limitation and affirmation.
Many people say affirmations but, unconscious of their words, later sabotage them by saying and believing the opposite of what they’re trying to create. Pay attention. If you notice limiting thoughts or words trying to interject into your experience, purposefully restate your desire in a positive way, and then support that with your conscious actions.
Today my intention is to handle all of my experiences with joy, love and ease. I use my mind and thoughts to enhance my life.
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