Your journey is unique. Every situation has played a part in your awakening. Embrace what is.

That’s Right! I choose to live in acceptance

Nothing in your life should have been any different than it was. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to discover your strengths and abilities. When we choose to accept rather than reject, life becomes a series of possibilities.

Everyone in your world has come to learn something. Treat each person as a disciple of love and wisdom. Bring patience to the process of growth – it often takes lifetimes to completely break free of limiting patterns.

In the end, we discover wholeness. We recognize our infinite potential and the potential of all beings. Saying yes to life allows the opportunity to turn within instead of searching outside for answers.

To be a seeker is to drop perceived securities. Vulnerability and openness pave the way to a life of freedom and harmony.

Today my intention is to be kind and gentle with myself as I grow and change.

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