All is perfect, whole and complete

spa_concept_zen_rocks.jpgDo not worry about the “hows” or the “whys” – trust that your inner guidance will lead you right where you need to be.

That’s Right! I learn from every experience. Whatever unfolds in my life is exactly what I need for my spiritual growth

No matter how long you may have considered yourself a failure, you can begin this moment with a new way of being. Transformation comes through consistent practice. Observe your thoughts and choose to purposely plant seeds that will grow into success patterns.

Opportunities will come your way allowing you to cultivate faith in the processes of life. See your journey as a series of stepping stones to higher consciousness. Each step is a new adventure.

Prosperity and abundance begin with realizing your self-worth. You have the freedom to create what you want to create and to do what you wish to do. Rest in the knowledge that you are part of the infinite flow of life.

Today my intention is to be open and receptive to all the beauty the Universe has to offer.

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