Act without expectation

Joy allows the soul to be illuminated from within.

“My life is joyously balanced with work and play” 
~Louise Hay~
True mastery lies in conscious awareness of how we share our energy. It’s important to discover how to live with an open heart while detaching from outcomes. One way to practice this is to observe how you choose to interact with others. Are you able to give freely or do you find yourself feeling disappointment when things turn out differently than you have planned?

Notice, notice, notice. Awareness is always the first step of transformation. Attachment creeps into all the various aspects of our lives. Even something as simple as sending a text can create ego-driven drama – picture someone agonizing over what to say, when to send and what they hope to receive in return. Take it a step further and imagine the mental anxiety that arises when no answer comes – constantly checking the phone, creating mental stories about the ‘why’… hours spent in the prison of the mind rather than empowered action (or inaction) in the present moment.

No matter what arises in your experience today, see if you can act with integrity, do your best and accept what is. With healthy detachment, let joy, compassion and kindness inform your decisions and set your energy free in the world.
 Today my intention is to view all experiences as opportunities for me to learn and grow. 
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