Your Unique Path

“I release any feelings of competition or comparison.
I simply do my best and enjoy being me.”
~Louise Hay~

In an infinite Universe there is plenty of room for many types of beliefs to co-exist. The ego, being the delightful teacher and creator of challenges that it is, will attach upon a particular idea and identify with it so strongly that we find ourselves forming a belief which needs to be defended.

Truth needs no defense. Gravity doesn’t care if one believes (or even understands) the law of gravity. It simply makes itself known in our lives, subtly holding us to earth, drawing things downward, adding weight and substance to our world of form.
Your path of transformation is simply that – Your Path. The discovery of what sparks insight and passion for life is a very personal and unique journey. The only gauge of accurateness with which you should be concerned is how your life is flowing, how often you can access the stillness of the mind and how much respect and compassion you have for the paths of others.
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