Your life is your message

Truth always makes itself known.

“I release all control to the Universe. I am at peace with myself and with life.” 
~Louise Hay~
Ego-driven pride eventually teaches us the beauty of humility. During the beginning stages of growth, it’s natural to achieve, amass, market oneself and determine our value based upon outward indicators of success. With the ebb and flow of life’s energy, there are certainly times of abundance and times of loss. Each serves a purpose in the soul’s development.

As we evolve, the outward indicators become less important. They still arrive in our experience but since our confidence, purpose and joy now come from within, they merely enhance our playfulness and fulfillment rather than define it. The old souls definition of success is far different from that of a young or mature soul.

Know that life will present all that you require at the perfect time. Be willing to observe and receive. Mastery is demonstrated by our unhurried, trusting attitude. Learn to appreciate all phases of experience by remembering that “This too, shall pass.” Inner peace comes from living a centered, balanced life. This healthy confidence, ease and grace will shine like a beacon in the darkness.
Today my intention is to release any feeling of competition of comparison. I simply do me best and enjoy being me.  
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