You make a difference

Bring your awareness to the present moment.

That’s Right! I am on a mystical journey of awakening   
Everywhere I look, I see potential for an amazing shift in consciousness. The energy on the planet seems to be amplified and circumstances are bringing out both the best and worst in people. As the observer, I am in awe of the power of kindness and the movement of forgiveness.

Your presence here is no accident or coincidence. You play a part in the collective awakening of the planet. Plant seeds of awareness with your choices. Let the light of love shine through you so that others may recognize their own Presence through your reflection.

When enough of us create healing and peace in our own lives, it will be seen clearly in the world around us. Often, when on the verge of a breakthrough, we experience intensity regarding the issue of our focus. Resistance (both personal and from those around us) is an indication that something profound is occurring. The same movement of healing occurs within families, communities and globally. It’s important to remember that the spiritual truth is often the opposite of how things look on the physical plane.

Be part of the change. Never stop expanding or exploring your potential – for you are the light of love.

Today my intention is to honor this moment as sacred.

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