You have a choice

You always have a choice….
“I laugh at life (and at myself), and choose not be offended by anyone or anything.”
~Louise Hay~
No matter what life offers, we have the ability to choose our experiences. Neither choice is good or bad, they are simply different experiences for our soul to utilize in it’s awakening.
When offered a compliment, you could choose to smile and accept it, or you could choose to feel unworthy and reject it. The compliment is merely there to provide an opportunity for you to witness your perceptions and become aware of the frequency of your energy vibration.
Most beliefs and reactions are a product of our conditioning. As we become more aware of the choices we are making, the act of witnessing itself moves us into a state of greater awareness and empowerment.
Consider moving through life today being objective and aware of your choices:
  • In the midst of the infinite amount of options you have each moment, ask yourself “Will this choice bring happiness to myself and those around me?”
  • Pay attention to the messages from your body – typically your power chakra or heart chakra will feel uncomfortable or out of balance if you’re moving in an unhealthy direction. This may be subtle, or you may experience stomach pain, indigestion, tightness, or in extreme cases ulcers, or a tightness in the chest
  • Questions that can move you into balance are: “What can I learn from this experience? What message is the Universe sending me? How can I bring peace to this situation?”
Today my intention is to be a witness to the choices I make, always purposely moving towards kindness, love and enlightenment. I choose to dance through this moment without fear allowing the path of transformation to be a joyful one.
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