You can set yourself free

You can choose to set yourself free.

“We cling to our beliefs, even when we know they cause us suffering. We maintain our illusions, even when they make us miserable. We know this, but we refuse to act on it….
What are we waiting for?”
~Ezra Bayda~

Don’t demand that you be perfect. Rather than wishing for the life where you are always zen, no longer subject to the manipulations of the ego or no longer subject to the very human emotions that we all share; choose instead to simply have the intention to live an authentic life.

On the long, transformative path to freedom, we are prompted to release old patterns and beliefs as they arise while making conscious choices that create an internal movement of joy and awakening. Be patient but consistent with yourself, choosing to live with appreciation and kindness. Seek to bring compassion to all of your interactions and you will continue to change in amazing ways.

Think of those you admire and list the qualities that inspire you. Read through the list, giving gratitude for the teachers that have come into your experience. Now know this: If you spot it, you got it! You would not recognize these wonderful attributes if they were not yours as well. Bring them consciously to the surface of your heart and live them to the best of your ability.

Today my intention is to remember there’s no one special I need to be. I only need to be present and open.
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