You can change the world

Everything is interconnected.
That’s Right! What I give out, I get back. I give out only goodness and, in turn, only goodness comes back to me
You play an important role in the raising consciousness of the planet. When you approach the present moment with awareness, you begin to break the chain of ego-driven interactions. In every moment you have a choice: to live a conscious life of spiritual practice or retreat into the comfort and security of one dimensional living.
Anyone can be Zen while meditating or living in a cave. The true measure of authentic growth comes from our daily interactions with others. Every moment we have an opportunity to offer something beautiful.
All suffering is self-induced and comes from wishing that someone or something be other than what it is. The beauty of not getting what we want is that it eventually motivates us to awaken. We desire growth and seek to break the patterns that limit our experience.
“Spiritual practice is about increasingly entering into love – not personal love, but the love that is the nature of our being.” ~ Ezra Bayda
Today my intention is to release the need to blame anyone. I accept people around me as they are.
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