You are never alone

The entire universe supports your journey.

“Accept yourself, allow your unconscious to be revealed to you. This is how each human being is. By knowing it, you become a different kind of human being. By accepting it, cherishing it, you bring a revolution to your life. And when you look at others with that understanding, you will not find strangers; you will find all are friends.”

People often build walls around themselves because they seek safety or protection. They close off ideas and experiences and create a static world that is understandable to them – perhaps not a joyful world, but one they believe they can navigate.

Enlightenment is the removal of the enclosures that we have built. Yes, this process can be messy and challenging but it is absolutely necessary if one is to attain freedom. Do not fear your own shadow – it is not the truth of who you are. Look inside with love and compassion with the knowledge that your light will transform all that it shines upon.
Embrace life, commune with it. See it for the awakener it is meant to be. There are no enemies – only opportunities to shed things you no longer require. Tend to your own state of consciousness by releasing anger and blame and choosing to observe what is. Utilize it in your quest for enlightenment.

Today my intention is to act with integrity, do my best and accept what is.
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