You are a mystery

There is no end to what you will discover.

“I now choose to recognize the magnificence of my being.”
~Louise Hay~ 
Look beyond the role you play. Look beyond the physical appearance you have chosen. See beyond the stories of the mind. Breathe in the breath of life… slowly, mindfully, sacredly… and just be. Bask in the radiance of present moment. When you can quiet the mind, you can begin to tap into the infinite potential of the Divine.

What is truly important? In the face of infinity, how can one argue a point of view? How can we carry the burdens of past mistakes? How can we expect disappointment in the future?
Put it all down and explore the mystery.

You are on a quest of discovery. Look within with love.
Today my intention is to move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind, where all things are possible. 
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