Wisdom and love

The paradox of awakened spirituality creates the dance of experience.

“Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Love creates the movement of connection. When we learn to see everything and everyone as our reflection, we bring a different response to the events of life. Wisdom calls upon us to realize how little we know. We are at the very beginning of an incredible journey, and no matter how much we learn in the physical realm, we will ultimately experience the humility that comes through the realization of how much there is left to discover. That’s the beauty of living in an infinite Universe.

Allow yourself the opportunity to dance between the frequencies of love and wisdom. See yourself as an adventurer in the midst of discovery. Bring a sense of innocence and trust to your experiences and walk the journey with faith. You are loved, supported and guided each and every step of the way.

Today my intention is to be grateful for what I have knowing that amazing, new experiences are always ahead of me.
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