“Wisdom consists in doing the next thing you have to do, doing it with your whole heart and find delight in doing it.”  
~Meister Eckhart~  

The dance of awakening is a beautiful synergy of opposites. We learn to navigate the illusion of the physical world while integrating the limitless possibility of the spiritual. Honor the movement of awareness as it weaves its magic in your experience. Learn to be comfortable with the unknown. Your true sacred nature resides within that field of limitless potential.

Our human experience is one of paradox – everything is messed up, yet everything is ok. When we pull back from the stories of the mind and become loving observers, we discover the ability to live consciously within the paradox.
We are One, yet each of us has a unique path of awakening and each of us must do our own work. Contrasts are required: there is no love without hate, no light without the darkness, no awakening without sleep.
Learn to see the value in everything. See yourself as an infinite source of energy experiencing the illusion of separation. Know that your journey is infinite and that you will never stop learning. But also, know that you are Divine, a master in the process of remembering. Human perception is small and limited… life and love are immense.
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