There is always something new to discover.

“Embrace the wisdom of uncertainty.”
~Deepak Chopra~

A vibrant life is one that is filled with adventures of experience and discovery. Every situation we encounter has multiple layers of information that continue to provide insight as we move forward on the path of awakening. See the obstacles and challenges you encounter as stepping stones to an evolving, empowered version of yourself.

We learn through contrast, ultimately finding that everything has something of value to teach. Experiences are interpreted through the filters created by our level of consciousness; therefore, as you awaken, understand that your interpretations will transform as well. Breakthroughs occur when we learn to be comfortable with the unknown.

You are a work in progress. Integrate the lessons, be willing to expand your perceptions and welcome the changes that prompt you to go beyond outmoded ideas and perceived limitation. Bless all that you’ve learned. Appreciate those who have walked this journey with you, and most importantly, honor your path as sacred by living with an open heart.

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