What remains?

Your purpose is to awaken.

“I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.”
~ Louise Hay ~
The flames of awareness burn away all that is false. Layer by layer we release old energy, beliefs, attachments as well as the perceived limitations that block us from seeing our inner beauty and divinity.

Everyone’s journey is different. Though we walk the path of awakening together, each of us is responsible for our own joy. This moment is the beginning of a new way of being. Drop the baggage that you carry and step into the light of consciousness.

When we release attachment, we create space for the Universe to surprise us. As we release ego, we begin to see more clearly. The natural side effect is a life filled with joy and wonder.
Today my intention is to see beyond the mechanisms of the ego to the power of the present moment.
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