What Lies Within

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”
~Roy T. Bennett~

In the present moment there is no regret, there is no worry. Only infinite possibility. What we choose to think dictates our state of happiness. What if you decided to greet each moment with only the willingness to experience it as it is with no mental construct? You would free yourself from the bondage of the mind.

Seek to bring stillness into your daily experience. Check in with your body periodically throughout the day. Notice whether you feel tense or simply able to enjoy the task at hand. It can be surprising how often we discover that the ego has subtly crept in to create dissatisfaction, when in reality, all is well.

Your potential is vast. There are many different paths from which to choose, so find one that brings you joy. Create healthy relationships that allow enough space for each person to thrive. In love, step out of the role of “fixer” and into a position of support. As you awaken to your true, infinite nature, you’ll become a source of kindness and consistency, a space of peace in an ever-changing world.

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