Vision Quest

“What is my purpose in the world? There is still a great journey ahead. My vision quest may reveal the answers, or perhaps I will only learn how to ask the right questions.”
~Dianne Bishop Carey~
It’s time to awaken to the inner mystery of who you are. The quest inward may take you through the hidden recesses of your soul, only to find the light, uniqueness and beauty you may have glimpsed within yourself as a child. If you can remember the stories that first inspired you, go back and revisit them. Enter into the land of imagination and seek that which once instilled excitement within you.
Our souls resonate with certain ideas and stories for a reason. That recognition and inspiration often sets the stage for how we choose to move through the world. Dancing within the joys of your true nature nurtures the inner child and allows your creativity free expression. As a seeker awakening to wisdom, you’ll add an element of magic into your daily experience.
Each journey is unique and you will come to find doorways that may lead you to new ways of being. See your life as a journey of adventure and discovery.
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