Understanding karmic patterns

Periodically, we are offered a glimpse into the eternity of our existence. These moments of understanding are meant to reveal karmic patterns so that we may break free from repetitive cycles that no longer serve our spiritual growth. The events of your life are often a replay of lessons that have been part of your experience for lifetimes and these patterns are as ancient as the journey of your soul.

Karmic contracts play a profound part in our journey of awakening: they allow us to experience both sides of a situation so that we may learn compassion while cultivating our understanding of divinity, or we might agree (on a soul contract level) to participate in a particular challenge in order to assist others in their evolutionary process.

Moment to moment we learn to leave the past behind. In faith, we discover that we have the ability to carry innocence and harmony within the world of form. You have the full support of the Universe and it is safe to jump into the unknown – adventures await. Be present with whatever life offers for every situation offers an opportunity to integrate freedom into your experience.

As you break through the limiting patterns of your conditioning, the truth of your heart will make itself known. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.

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