Unconditional Compassion

Each of us must be a light for those who are still lost in the dark.

“Saints are like trees. They do not call to anyone, neither do they send anyone away. They give shelter to whoever cares to come, be it a man, woman, child, or an animal. If you sit under a tree, it will protect you from the weather, from the scorching sun as well as the pouring rain, and it will give you flowers and fruit. Whether a human being enjoys them or a bird tastes of them matters little to the tree; its produce is there for anyone who comes and takes it.”
~Anandamayi Ma~

Even if a room has remained in the dark for thousands of years, will it not be immediately transformed by even the smallest source of light? Our role is to shine, to teach, to serve. Yes, we may need to practice mindfulness in order to maintain the balance required to be a consistent fount of compassion; however, our active participation begins with remembering that we have chosen to be here now for a specific purpose.

Like water which gently erodes rock over time, persistent acts of right action will eventually make a transformative difference in the world. Repetitive energy creates a flow that becomes easier to access the more we use it. Begin small. Plant seeds of love and light within your daily practice and nurture them well. You will eventually recognize yourself as an expression of unconditional compassion that can never be dimmed by outward circumstances.


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