Trust, Innocence and Adventure

Choose to approach life with a sense of wonder and trust.
“Trust is unconditional. It simply says that, ‘I have that quality which trusts. Now, it is irrelevant what happens to my trust – whether it is respected or not, whether it is deceived or not. That is not the point at all.’ Trust has nothing to do with the object of trust, it has something to do with your inner quality: can you trust?”

Each time we have a shift in consciousness, our experience of the world changes. Relationships take on new meaning, we open to messages from the Divine and begin to learn to trust our own inner guidance.

The Universe responds well to this state of willingness and you may begin to recognize the synchronized and coincidental events which unfold around you. Allow yourself to be open to adventure. Take a risk and see what happens – step out of your comfort zone. This can be as simple as offering assistance to someone in need, following your first instinct instead of doing what you’ve always done, or as potentially life changing as facing a fear and trusting that your angels and spirit guides will lead you through it.

When we approach life with a sense of trust, innocence and adventure, we create a space in which anything can happen. As children, we had this expansive approach, but typically our parents, society and life experiences taught an attitude of mistrust, defense, that the world is a dangerous place or life is a struggle.

The innocence of the spiritual seeker is childlike, but not childish. The wisdom you’ve attained on your journey will transform into acceptance of a world that is filled with the wonder of life.


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