This too shall pass

Whether engaged in a challenge or riding the waves of success, know that “This too shall pass.” Everything has a beginning and an end and as you learn to embrace whatever the present moment has to offer, you will discover the freedom which comes from being an infinite spark of the Divine. Whatever joy comes, appreciate it and know that it is a result of facing your challenges with a conscious mind and a loving heart.

Like the waves of the ocean, the highs and lows are equally important and the natural course of a healthy flow. Enjoy both. Moments of downturn provide needed relaxation and precede breakthroughs. When things don’t work the way the mind expects, it’s important to remember that our human vision is very limited and trust that the tapestry of life is being woven in the perfect way.

Using the tapestry as an analogy, the backside is sometimes a mishmash of confusion, threads cross one another and the picture is hard to appreciate; however, the front is a work of art and the picture is clear . Both are part of the end result. Together we weave a tapestry of exquisite design, each thread and color combining in perfection and beauty… your role is to be present and add your gifts of experience and insight to this work of art we call awakening.

Today my intention is to share love. Together we bring beauty to the world.

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